At Klein Bussell, PLLC, our mission is to identify solutions to legal and business challenges so our clients can focus on what they do best. We serve businesses, municipalities, and individuals in labor and employment, corporate, civil rights, contracts, and personal injury matters. Members of our firm have handled matters ranging from complex corporate transactions, class-action employment discrimination suits, and government investigations to straightforward negligence actions and administrative proceedings. We serve clients at performance levels rivaling any sized firm, with tangible benefits such as flexible fee arrangements, innovative technologies, and a personal touch. Whether you are facing business litigation or need to take your organization to the next level, here’s what Klein Bussell can do for you or your organization.

Effective Litigation Solutions. In an age when hiring a lawyer who has tried a lot of cases is nearly impossible, Klein Bussell’s business litigation experience is a rare find. Our members have collectively tried more than 50 civil cases in state and federal court, including first- and second-chairing countless federal jury trials and multiple class-action lawsuits. With extensive experience in Tennessee’s state and federal trial courts, the Tennessee Court of Appeals, Tennessee Supreme Court, and Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, our team has the hands-on experience in both written and oral advocacy that uniquely equips it to operate a high-performing litigation firm. Importantly, our goal is always to achieve the best result for you or your organization. Sometimes that means getting a case dismissed early or negotiating a reasonable settlement. Other times, circumstances may require you to press forward to trial. In either instance, you can rest assured that the Klein Bussell team has the unique trial and appellate experience to protect your interests from beginning to end.

Sophisticated Business Solutions. Klein Bussell is also distinctively qualified to serve as a valuable resource for businesses or other organizations facing challenges or simply working to advance to the next level. One of our members has held senior level positions in large multinational companies, both as General Counsel and as a business leader with direct P&L responsibility. Having worked both in the legal and business spheres gives Klein Bussell a unique perspective into what works when businesses are faced with difficult problems. Additionally, we have advised companies facing major corporate crises on how to maneuver through the many challenges they faced on both the legal and business fronts. In short, the Klein Bussell team has the unique experience to walk alongside and equip you to position your business for success.